Knitting for refugees



   These are my results for the refugees. Unfortunately, I did become ill during my work and couldn’t fix all at the right time.


Be my Baby

These are one of my first Babyshoes that I knitted.

What a beautiful gift for welcoming a new soul in this world.

This model, is not so complicated .

You have to start with 41 stitches 20 rows long.

Then you have to knit the 11 stitches in the middle to form the feet. (Right and left you awaiting 15 stitches) . Then before to retake on each side the 15 stitches , you have to increase 12 stitches. After 2 cm you form the foot, in taking the 9 middle stitches and to knit together the 10th stitches with the ninth. Until you have on each side 6 stitches. Then  you finish . 

Er voilà!

Boy, boy, crazy boy. Keep cool boy!

The West Berlin Knitting Story

Hello everyone. Yes you did recognized it, West Side Story. It was the first Musical that I have seen.

And yes I am German . I did travel a lot in my life. I am a passionate dancer, physiotherapist and knitter.

But I realized after over 30 years of experience, with a false technique , you can get so uncool and tensed, that you become probably a tendinitis, or not?

So gotta rock it, slow down , or whatever and then you can really relax and knit!